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Women in Business – Bengaluru

Someone once told, “all women are working; only some are earning”. In a society like ours, it is really hypocritical of us when we deify an idol as a goddess but at the same time, we demean the stature of women through gender bias and male chauvinism. We all know how difficult it is to survive for a woman in daily life amidst the male gaze, eve teasing and a list that has no end. There’s another list which comprises women in business, and it tends to infinity. A big cheer to them!!!

India ranks as the 7th largest economy by nominal GDP, growing at the rate of 6-7% year on year. Bengaluru, known to be the “Silicon Valley of India” has an estimated GDP of $110 bn. This city contributes to almost 35% of our country’s IT industry. This, in turn, brings in enormous opportunities in traditional businesses and startups. But starting a business from scratch is no joke, (Intelliar can help you) the investment being the primary concern. There are thousands of such entrepreneurs who started their journey only to have a premature ending. Very few grow to draft their stories.

Today, where a mere survival of women is in doubt, entrepreneurs have a tougher journey to make. In fact, the total amount of funding raised by startups with a woman founder or co-founder between January and September 2018 comprised just 5.2% of the $9.14 billion raised in overall funding in India. In a country where 14% of the businesses are run by women, as many as 79% of them are self-financed (Sixth Economic Census by National Sample survey organization). Coming to employment as well, there is neither any parity in employment ratio nor in payment.

But, are these good enough to stop them?

A big no to these they say. Bangalore leads the crowd. Out of 58.8 bn businesses in India, 8.05 mn are run by women. Almost 6.4% of them belong to Karnataka.

By the words of Bangalore based Biocon Ltd founder, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw says “I really believe that entrepreneurship is about being able to face failure, manage failure and succeed after failing” shows the actual mantra to succeed in this field and stand out in the crowd.

Intelliar is helping young business women

Subhra Chadda, another success story, which came into being by being brave to resign from the classy corporate job to cater the consumer needs for a good gifting option. Chumbak, a quirky and vibrant life style brand, started by selling a 40L house, now has 17 stores across India.

This place is also breaking national and international boundaries to provide opportunities. Alicia Souza grew up in Abu Dhabi and studied in Melbourne, is the co founder of Chumbak. Today, she takes up freelancing assignments and runs her own product chain. These inspiring stories do bring in the ray of hope for all the aspiring minds that fears no hurdle. Failures are meant to happen, but to learn from them and come back stronger is what the fight is about. All it took for the woman in business to change the history is a moment of courage, determination and the flicker of hope. They have what it takes to be in the business. They don’t deserve the disparity. They are better than this. Respect them. May this race of business women grow, stand tall and get what they deserve.

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