Outsourcing to an agency is safer

Outsourcing to an agency is safer compared to Freelancers

Outsourcing by definition means to get work done by making a contract with another company or an individual. In most organizations, certain functions have to be automated or outsourced for the sake of efficiency and time crunch. There are certain tasks which need a personal touch and are executed with in-house resources. But, lately, outsourcing has increased and is becoming one of the most effective ways to ensure quality and time-saving alternative. Also, we will explore why outsourcing to an agency is safer compared to a freelancer.

Outsourcing itself has become a category of job. With such demand, options of outsourcing have also increased. They can be broadly classified into two sources- Freelancers and Outsourcing agencies.

Freelancers today are their own boss and hence taking up this as a profession is increasing gradually. This gives the client an opportunity to channel tasks as outsourced to such individuals and get the work done. Too many official paper works and processes are not required and hence the time taken is generally less. Freelancers are always cheaper than any other modes of outsourcing. But all the benefits come with their respective drawbacks.

These individual workers don’t have a bounded responsibility, which might affect the client in getting tasks delivered on time hence outsourcing to an agency is safer. Since they are not always bound by regulations, they take up more than they can serve and hence delay the work. They are the only point of contact; emergency situations are not always taken care of.

 So, let’s dig deeper to find out the benefits of outsourcing to an agency and why outsourcing to an agency is safer rather than depending on a freelancer.

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Team of Experts: Services will be provided for different functions by people experts in respective fields. So, multiple functions served with assured quality.

Communication: In the case of agencies, there is generally a single point of contact which helps in escalating problems much easily. But in the case of freelancers, if the person involved is busy for a certain reason, there is hardly any way to solve it. Communication gap becomes an issue.

Process Oriented/Organized:  Being an outsourcing organization, it has its rules and regulations to follow. Hence, internal processing is maintained which assures the quality of service is not neglected.

Dependability:  Outsourced tasks are time oriented and clients can be assured of timely results. Freelancers can take more than one task in hand failing to deliver results on time.

Confidentiality: Companies has access to world-class tools and resources and hence data is secured. Even when freelancers are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but it still weighs up the risks. Companies also provide legal protection with NDA and SLA compliance. Considering the above-mentioned factors, it is necessary for a client to understand the volume of the task, importance, intensity to decide on which source of outsourcing is required. When the task is not a really important one, it might be channelized to freelancers. But agencies handling such jobs are always safer.

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