Climate change and corporate profits

Climate change and Corporates

Climate change and its effects on organic life are severe. Knowingly or unknowingly humans (corporates) are destroying their own habitat on a lightning speed.

Big organizations initiatives are appreciable but its hardly making any difference on a larger scale. But somehow big corporations are the main culprits of this escalated destruction.

On the eve of the UN’s climate action summit, record numbers of youth climate campaigners are due to be joined by parents, workers, trade unions, businesses and organizations in a global strike ramping up pressure on political leaders to respond to the climate crisis.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday pledged to build or buy enough renewable power to supply 80% of the company’s electricity needs by 2024 and 100% by 2030. By 2040, the retail giant plans to cut or offset the carbon emissions across all its operations. 

Google also got in on the act, pledging to invest more than $2 billion in new energy infrastructures like wind turbines and solar panels.

These promises and pledge are not new. Corporates announce these on a regular basis but hardly put these on their priority list. Because these things do not make a profit, on the contrary, seek a huge investment and workforce.

Corporate depends on outsourcing for making huge profits and fewer regulations to follow. But the 3rd world countries to which this manufacturing is outsourced they hardly care about climate. Countries like China, Africa, India have very few regulations for climate effects. Big corporates hardly care about climate effects and more concerned on profits.

Outsourcing and India

The issue is more severe than it seems. Not only governments or corporates common people should also need to be more aware of these matters. People should ask the question to the government and boycott any organization who are not following proper regulations.


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