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Create a Content Inventory for your website before starting the development

Whenever Intelliar starts a new web project, one of the first things we do is build a spreadsheet for the site inventory.

A site inventory is a list of every major item that will go on the website, what it is, how it’s organized in relation to the other content, what kind of content does it contain, is there anything special about it, etc.

So all of this goes into a spreadsheet, and that way, you can keep track of each item, make sure it’s organized properly and, as the content is created, each item can be checked off as either started, in the draft or ready to be published.

What you’re seeing below is the actual site inventory spreadsheet.

You can download a blank copy of this if you’d like to use it as a template for your site.

In addition to tracking content, this inventory will also help as you create an information architecture for your site, and that’s just kind of a fancy way of saying how you organize and structure your content in a way that serves your current needs, but also considers how you might expand areas of content in the future.

For example, right now, I’m going to include a portfolio that’s a single page. Then as your portfolio grows in the future, you might want to expand those into subpages, for example, a subpage for one type of project, a subpage for another category of project, etc.

This content inventory will come in handy when you start the practical build of the site because now you have a list of exactly what you need and where everything goes.

Once this inventory is complete, go through each item and build and the associated content, so everything is ready to go when you start building your site.

We have all my content and documents and folders, and before you continue, we recommend that you do too.

This is a step a lot of people skip. And we do want to point here that when you start a new site, you don’t need hundreds or even tens of pages. Just make an inventory for the core of your site. And once that’s launched, you can slowly expand on your site by adding more.

Just remember to keep the inventory in mind so you keep the structure in check.

So at this point, you’ve got your content mentally mapped out, the basic features for your site, and you’re going to go about implementing those features.

You’ve completed all the prework, and you’re ready to log into your design board and start making things happen.

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